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Sundried Tomatoes
We have started off by making our own, but could not keep up with the volume. This product is currently imported as the supply of good quality sun dried tomatoes in our country is not reliable.

Pickeld Garlic
These huge elephant garlics are organically grown in the little Karoo. We cure them in salt water for a few months, which releases their volatile oils and sulphur and makes them “safe” to enjoy.

Pickeld Piquant Peppers
When we can get hold of enough Peppers, early in the year, we pickle our own and then have jars and jars of these exiting bright red fruits waiting to be utilized.

Pickeld Lemon Rind
It is not easy to get hold of lemons with a very thick skin, but when they come our way, we have to pickle enough to see us through the year. We use it mainly for stuffing our olives, but they are very often used in Moroccan cooking.

Piquant Pepper Poppers.
Bright red Piquant Peppers are stuffed with cream cheese, chopped olives and herbs from our own garden, for a mouthful of flavours.

Salts And Rubs

Olive And Salt Rub
Salt cured olives are chopped very finely and mixed with coarse flaky salt to make a rub for red meats or a tasty sprinkle in rice dishes.

Olive, Rosemary And Garlic Rub
Coarse salt mixed with fine dried olives, garlic and rosemary makes this a very popular rub for a beef steak or a sprinkle for almost any meat dish – cooked or raw.

Spiced Salt Grinder
Loaded with herbs and spices and an excellent meat seasoning.

Garden Herbs & Salt Grinder
Contains dried herbs from our garden, which not only adds lovely flavours to a dish, but also reduces salt intake.

Mixed Peppercorns Grinder
A colourful mix of varied dried peppercorns including Szechwan for a pungent grinding to zest up any dish.

Hicory Smoked Sweet Paprika
Our own version of the ever popular smoked paprika and once you’ve started using smoked paprika, you will never go back to normal paprika again.

We are working on new products and will announce when ready.

About Us

My story began in 1990 when I had to look after a few buckets of curing olives for my Jewish landlady. The olives had a wonderful yeasty smell - like bread dough proofing - just before it has to... Read more.



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