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Our Signature Range

Garlic and Herb Olives
The original recipe was handed down to me by a retired Israeli vet and was my first attempt at marinated olives. Over the years it has proven to be a very popular choice for which many happy customers have returned time and time again.

The well-known mission olive is used, with a good handful of garlic, Tuscan blue rosemary from my herb garden, strong Greek oregano and fresh bay leaves. A topping of good quality olive oil will help to preserve it while the flavours develop. The taste is heavy on garlic and has a good balance with the strong herb flavours and can be paired with a peppery Shiraz wine.

Olive Medley
We mix green Manzanilla olives, ripe Mission and Kalamata Olives to make a colourful blend which is infused with garlic, onion, lemon and a hint of chilli. Gentler herb flavours like marjoram, old fashioned rosemary and young bay leaves are used, along with the brine which has less salt and more vinegar. It has a pickled onion character and does not pair well with most wines, but is a good choice with beer.

Spanish Green Olives
Green Manzanilla olives marinated with garlic, lemon, lemongrass, coriander seeds and thyme. Contains more vinegar and less salt than others and has a fresh lemony taste. Despite the vinegar, they pair well with most Chardonnay or crispy Sauvignon Blanc wines. These olives make the best martini olives and the brine is used to for dirty martinis.

Chilli Kalamatas
Ripe Kalamata olives with lots of chilli, garlic, rosemary and citrus. Left in brine, vinegar and olive oil to mature for 2 weeks. There is a good bite once you have experienced all the other flavours. Good with beer and an exciting addition to a cheese platter.

Smoked Olives
Kalamatas and the nutty Nocellaras make a good combination for this cold smoked product. We use American Hickory wood, which is different to our normal oak and fruit smoked products. Pairs well with a wooded, heavy red wine.

Mediterranean Olives
We use ripe olives, feta cheese (from happy cows) and rehydrated sun dried tomatoes, with lots of fresh basil and garden herbs and a good coating of extra virgin olive oil. This combination makes a perfect Mediterranean salad or a really tasty topping for a pasta dish in winter.

Roasted Olives
We oven roast ripe olives with whole garlic and rosemary. This changes the texture and flavour and is almost not a fresh olive any more, but a different and tasty product.

Herb and Garlic - Pitted Throubes
(Also available as unflavoured)
These are rather salty but as a pitted product they are perfect for using in bread baking or to scatter on mashed potatoes.

About Us

My story began in 1990 when I had to look after a few buckets of curing olives for my Jewish landlady. The olives had a wonderful yeasty smell - like bread dough proofing - just before it has to... Read more.



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